Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swamp Diggitydogg fer ya

The First 5 Records! that's right. right here: (note that most of these are not my uploads so may be .rar files as opposed to .zip. otherwise they are all personally tested and found true by yours truly)
Total Destruction To Your Mind (1970)

Rat On! (1971)

Cuffed Collared Tagged Gassed (1972)

Gag A Maggot (1973)

Have You Heard This Story?? (1974)

And This is written on the back of of "Cuffed... "

"This album is by far the greatest piece of writing, arranging, producing and sequencing genius that I've ever encountered. Anyone who has heard the first two Swamp Dogg albums will possibly say impossible, but after listening to this one will make the cross-over to incredible. The only album that may possibly compare with this one, is the one that I'm contemplating doing in the late future.

Everything that is necessary to make a hit album I have; ego, talent, originality, humor and I am dynamic, articulate, defiant, altruistic, considerate, warm, wonderful & humble. My reputation speaks for itself, having either written, produced or both, hit records for Gene Pitney, Z.Z. Hill, Freddie North, Doris Duke, Wilson Picket, Arthur Conley, Lulu, Stoneground, Johnny Paycheck, Conway Twitty, Dee Dee Warwick, Little Richard, Whispers, Gary Bonds, Joe Tex, Donnie Elbert, Lightning Slim, Irma Thomas, John Rowles, Tommy Overstreet, and Loretta Lynn, just to scratch the surface.

I have also been a Grammy nominee for the last two years. I'm also a Cancer (July 12) and twenty nine years in the world.

What you've just read is my trip and if you can't tolerate it, that's your trip.

Jerry Williams, Jr / P/K/A Swamp Dogg

(The message on the back of "Have You Heard..." is even better but I can't find a transcription on the web. I'll post it when I have time at home with the LP infront of me.)

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