Wednesday, March 30, 2011


pronounced /ˈmoʊɡ/, mohg; often anglicized to /ˈmuːɡ/, moog

DICK HYMAN - MOOG, The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman (1969)

1. Topless Dancers Of Corfu
2. The Legend Of Johnny Pot
3. The Moog And Me
4. Tap Dance In The Memory Banks
5. Four Duets In Odd Meter
6. The Minotaur
7. Total Bells And Tony
8. Improvisation In Fourths
9. Evening Thoughts
10. Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
11. Kolumbo
12. Time Is Tight
*This is the first of these Moog guys I heard. Greg had this on vinyl and let me borrow it for awhile. I made a tape of it and still listen to this goofy shit in my studio all the time.

BRUCE HAACK - Electric Lucifer (1970)

1. electric to me turn
2. the word
3. cherubic hymn
4. program me
5. war
6. national anthem to the moog
7. chant of the unborn
8. incantation
9. angel child
10. word game
11. song of the death machine
12. super nova
13. requiem
*The Classic! What a weirdo.

LUCIFER (MORT GARSON) - Black Mass (1971)

1. Solomon's Ring
2. The Ride of Aida (Voodoo)
3. Incubus
4. Black Mass
5. The Evil Eye
6. Exorcism
7. The Philosopher's Stone
8. Voices of the Dead (The Medium)
9. Witch Trial
10. ESP
*off-the-wall bonkers. not as good as Plantasia but I've already posted that one (I think), and this is more in the period and style of the others in this post (although, at the same time, completely different).


1. Cybernaut
2. Jetsex
3. Timewhys
4. Aurora
5. Riversong
6. Tama
*Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff. In-case you don't already know: these are the guys behind Stevie Wonder's synths in the 1970's.
Although it's technically not a Moog, TONTO (The Original New Timbral Orchestra) started of with a couple of Moog synths that were combined with four Oberheims, two ARPS and a bunch of other crazy stuff. It looked like this:

who's that guy!? I believe it's Malcolm. nice overalls thank you.

Friday, March 25, 2011

the carter family

i love youtube for videos like this

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



01 Hell Hound - Sir Lord Baltimore
02 She Came Like A Bat From Hell - Jerusalem
03 I Wanna Say Yeah - Juan De La Cruz
04 Parchment Farm - Blue Cheer
05 Lazylady (1972) - Pentagram
06 Raging River Of Fear - Captain Beyond
07 Satori Pt. V - Flower Travellin' Band
08 Hooded Eagle - Jerusalem
09 vengeance - manowar
10 Ride In The Sky - Lucifer's Friend
11 Second coming - Alice cooper
12 Motorhead - Hawkwind
13 Eccentric Man - Groundhogs
14 Big Eyed Beans From Venus - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band


01 Cherry Red - Earthless
02 Whiskey River - Comets on fire
03 Mo-Ya Mo-Ya - DMBQ
04 Mary had a Little Drug Problem - Scratch Acid
05 Touch Me I'm sick - Sonic Youth
06 Halloween - Mudhoney
07 Steak Rock - Endless Boogie
08 I Love You Too - Dead Meadow
09 Dragon of The Deep Part 1 - Mammatus
10 Numb - Sleep

I only wanna be with you

for some reason I woke up with this song in my head. I like how she sings her "i"s


I wish there was live footage of Roy Orbison singing Evergreen. This one is really under rated. Only youtube slide shows but still worth the listen.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creeper Robin

I didn't realize Robin was openly such a creeper as he got older till I saw this video. One time I had a conversation with Derek Wood... he basically told me Robin Gibb probably wouldn't be into me, that he probably got a lot of babes. Now I think I must agree with him. I am too old for him.

Robin so sleeveless and shiny in this one.

Moral of the story... I guess you have a be a mega babe groupie even for the nerds. I call BS on that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The five stairsteps

I know I posted a video of The Five Stairsteps playing You Waited Too Long but some how this song slipped passed me.
I love these videos!! They are so young! I can't handle their cuteness in their little suits and Keni Burke deeps it. You waited too long is one of my favorite soul jams.


This is a rad video of XTC playing making plans for Nigel in 1979. Check out his drum set up!

Hard Sider Vol. Dos : FISTS OF LOVE


01 Take You Home - Juan De La Cruz

02 Crazy Little Thing - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Ban

03 Zoo Music Girl - The Birthday Party

04 Fists of Love - Big Black

05 She Said - Scratch Acid

06 She Walks - DMBQ

07 Death Valley '69 - Sonic Youth

08 Inky's Butt Crack - Rapeman

09 Fancy Dancer - Wicked Witch

10 kinky lover - Chrome

11 Hold Me Right - ESG

12 Head - Prince

13 white trash hillbilly trick - peter grudzien

14 Freckle-Faced Liza Jane/I Wish I Was Single Again - Leonard Emmanuel

15 Queen Victoria - Leonard Cohen

16 I've Got A Love - Harvey Milk

if this doesn't melt your heart

you have no soul


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being a teacher is really cutting into my layin' around time... which means I haven't been able to properly nerd out. SO when that happens... I revert back to my stand bys. The Beach Boys! Please Let Me Wonder is my dad's favorite song by the Beach Boys.... he likes to remind me its his favorite despite Brian Wilson writing it on his first acid trip. Christian dads vote no acid trips.

Allow me to refer back to my Beach Boys Mix I made a long ass time ago.HERE

When I am done with my class I am going to make a needlepoint of the album Love You.

What have you guys been into as of late??

Friday, March 11, 2011

Country Taco Supreme!

Country Taco Supreme.

Otherwise known as Pop the Country.

Yes, I've finally made another mix. Sorry it took so long.

I felt ya'll needed a little classic pop country from the last fifty years!

Of course you'll recognize many of these as okee faves sung by yours truly.

How can you go wrong !?!?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hard Sider Vol. 1 : DINO SEX


01 Gifthorse / Ursa Minor - Thrones

02 Love Swing - Harvey Milk

03 Boris - Melvins

04 New Pants & Shirt - Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine

05 Hate Song (Version) - Fudge Tunnel

06 Earthworm - Grief

07 the iron room - Man Is The Bastard

08 Bad Year - Iron Monkey

09 disgraceland - zeni geva

10 Sheep and Goat Judgement - the whip

11 Lorch-Miller - Karp

12 Fireface - High On Fire

(I also posted this on the Bafth dumbler)

enjoy at your own risk

Friday, March 4, 2011

More Jamz!

JAMS IV : Folks Are Terrible

01 - Django - The Thrones
02 - Tokyo Drifter Main Theme - Unknown
03 - Masters Of War - The Staple Singers
04 - Talk back trembling lips - Kitty Wells
05 - Banks Of The Ohio - Bill Monroe & Doc Watson
06 - Cocaine - Abner Jay
07 - Don't mess with my man - Irma Thomas
08 - I Want to Get Married - The Delicates
09 - Motor Cycle Michael - Lotti Golden
10 - Ma Tafou Gnin - Orchestre Poly Rythmo
11 - To Be Wise - Ofege
12 - (unknown) - Unknown Chinese Dance Pop
13 - Raider - Judy Henske & Jerry Yester
14 - Banjo Country - Henry Flynt
15 - King Minos II - Popol Vuh
16 - Deep Waters - Dirty Three

JAMS IV.V : Tongue Thongs

01 - Prince Alone In The Studio - Smog
02 - You're Feelings - The Champs
03 - Venus In Furs - Jim O'Rourke
04 - How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? - Bee Gees
05 - Saturday Suit - Art Garfunkel
06 - Wrong Space, Wrong Time - Jeff Phelps
07 - In Love - Prince
08 - Show You The Way To Go - The Jacksons
09 - I Found Lovin' - The Fatback Band
10 - Do Me Baby - Bel Biv Devoe
11 - Dinosaur Sex - Family Fodder
12 - These Eyes - Guess Who

Thursday, March 3, 2011


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