Saturday, July 31, 2010


Do Me Baby

This is a massive boner jam. It's basically like having sex with Prince... which I guess is like having sex with a woman? I have never heard those noises come from a duder.
I like when he says "I wont stop till the war is over" and "I'm so cold...just hold me"
Prince... so fragile.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slow Jamz Vol. 2

I was told this mix isn't so bad so I thought I would share. It's good for sleepy mornings or restless nights. Download HERE.
1. Good Times - Jim O'Rourke
2. Go Lucky - The Curtains
3. Holiday - The Bee Gees
4. Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye - Leonard Cohen
5. By This River - Brian Eno
6. Halfway to a threeway - Jim O'Rourke
7. In My Room - Beach Boys
8. Yellow Bird - The Ventures
9. You Waited Too Long - The Five Stairsteps
10. Wild Mountain Thyme - David Pajo
11. True love will not find you in the end - Daniel Johnston
12. The Way I feel inside - The Zombies
13. Wild is the Wind - Nina Simone

Bitter Honey.

Heavy as honey. Slow like sleep.

I'd have been the shadow of your dog.

I am the keeper of the flame.

1. Ne Me Quitte Pas - Jacques Brel
2. Keeper of the Flame - Nina Simone
3. Exodus - Jimmy Scott
4. Another Tear Falls - The Walker Brothers
5. Time In My Heart for You - Dion
6. The Unicorn - Peter Grudzien
7. The Electrician - The Walker Brothers
8. Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair - Nina Simone
9. Beware My Heart - Betty Carter
10. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child - Jimmy Scott
11. If you Go Away - Shirley Horn

Esther Phillips - From a Whisper To A Scream (1972)

A great record. A great voice (she's got that shlang goin' on). I got it because it has one of THE BEST versions of Your Love Is So Doggone Good I have ever heard (more great versions of this masterpiece boner jam to come on affectionandos). It just makes me squinch with joy. Other highlights include Home Is Where the Hatred Is, Baby, I'm for Real, and Scarred Knees. Enjoy

1 Home Is Where the Hatred Is
2 From a Whisper to a Scream
3 To Lay Down Beside You
4 That's All Right with Me
5 'Till My Back Ain't Got No Bone
6 Sweet Touch of Love
7 Baby, I'm for Real
8 You Love Is So Doggone Good
9 Scarred Knees

This song isn't from the above album but it's the one that originally sold me on Esther:

The Dramatics - Whatcha See is Whatcha Get (1972)

1. Get Up And Get Down
2. Thank You For Your Love
3. Hot Pants In The Summertime
4. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
5. In The Rain
6. Gimme Some (Good Soul Music)
7. Fall In Love, Lady Love
8. Mary Don't Cha Wanna

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stevie D speak on dat...

So, I was listening to my Force M.D.'s LP, Touch and Go. This, of course, is the follow-up to Chillin', which featured the massive hit, Tender Love.
By the way, the fella's still sound they be, live-in-full-effect in 2010:

Anyway, I started lookin up summa' what's happenin now with Force M.D.'s, and came across this candid, engaging interview with Stevie D.
Stevie D details humble a cappella beginnings, performing on street corners and the Staten Island Ferry, to touring with New Edition (and outshining them on stage - which he says is the main reason New Edition went out and picked up Johnny Gill).
Basically, these cats started out as emcee's, eventually gaining some hard-earned street cred, to then be told by Tommy Boy Records producer Tom Silverman to don letterman sweaters and be more like Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. It worked, as they became the originators of so-called 'doo wop hip hop,' but in the end, they didn't have enough of a hand in publishing tracks, and likely won't bother ever making another record because touring with the old hits pays more.
Anyway, it's interesting to note these guys had a lot of underground tapes circulating early on, which influenced cats from Run DMC to Wu Tang, even if their lasting legacy is a quiet storm classic written by veritable hit-maker's Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
TRIVIA: did you know Affectionandos-fave Freddie Jackson passed on Tender Love before it hit big for Force M.D.'s???
EXTRA: Even though it's not quite as cemented in "slow-bone jam" history as Tender Love, here's Force M.D.'s performing their only R&B #1 smash, Love Is A House:

STRANGE n' TRAGIC TRIVIA: Did u know 3 original Force M.D.s members passed away in the mid-to-late 90's?
Anyway, read this here interview with Stevie D if ya gets a chance!

so doggone good

*still searching for that classic ray charles version!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I wanna be your man, live.

Zapp and Roger!

Yellow Bird

This made me cry pretty hard the first time I saw it cause I couldn't handle the cuteness. I get really happy when lots of people do things together like play music.

It's middle schoolers doing Yellow Bird. I have liked The Ventures version of it since I was a kid. It is a 19th century Haitian song composed by Michel Mauleart Monton with lyrics from a poem by Oswald Durand. It was rewritten with English lyrics in the 20th century as "Yellow Bird."

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Silk - Deepin' it

Workin' it like it ain't no thang

Friday, July 23, 2010

Beggar & Co

Everybody Loves The Sunshine (in Rio)...


THRONES - Alraune (1996)

1 Gifthorse 2:12
2 Ursa Minor / Buio Omega 13:34
3 Mercuric 1:16
4 Ted Williams 12:17
5 Googander 21:00

FREEEZ - Gonna Get You (1983)

A1 - We've Got The Juice 6:19
A2 - Can't Keep My Love 5:05
A3 - Love's Gonna Get You 5:58
A4 - Pop Goes My Love 8:10
B1 - I.O.U. 8:26
B2 - Freezin' 6:08
B3 - Can You 5:51
B4 - Watch Me 5:40

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Parakeets

My sissy balooba (Tara) recorded and posted her first demo song. She sings lead and plays rhythm guitar with our friend Zuhair who plays the uke. Put it IN

Bill Bell and the 4 Unknowns

guess who

Monday, July 19, 2010

JD Sumner goes low to battle The King...

Ajude-me, Jesus!!!

english settlement

hi guys.
i don't post much and for that i am sorry. but here is an album i've been really into: XTC "English Settlement"

My favorite tracks are "Jason and the Argonauts" and "Snowman"



Saturday, July 17, 2010

CASHMERE up in this piece...

Back in '82, these young fella's were clearly supposed to be the UK's answer to M.J. and Quincy Jones, but, man-o-man, theez trakks be HAWT!!! I proclaim "Do It Anyway You Wanna" is my new fave jam of the minute. Especially because Ali thought they were singing, "Do It In The Rain Water."
Dance club in yo' earhole!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leda - Welcome To Joyland (1978)

click and enjoy:

Tangerine Dream's Peter Baumann made this.
It is so god damn good.

01 - Welcome To Joyland
02 - Endless Race
03 - White Clouds
04 - Movin' On
05 - City Of Light
06 - Space Ride
07 - Caroussel
08 - Future
09 - Stardust

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Waking the Witch

I can't get over how insane and scary this song is.Fuckin' monster singing with her.

Hey Jonah...

I wanna hear you do this one in 'oake...sounds right up yer alley...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wuthuering Heights

Still my favorite. The song and video are both amazing. Another one I practice dancing to in my spare time.

sending some Love

By request from Mexico...

Forever Changes (1967)

Da Capo (1967)

3 on the blog is worth a Kate in the Bush


The Kick Inside (1978)

The Dreaming (1982)

Hounds Of Love (1985)

and watch all of her videos on youtube. they are all absolutely insane.

The Dreaming

Kate Bush you are bat shit nuts but awesome. I like her suit and dance moves and that she basically is jerking off that laser.

Sleep - Dopesmoker (mid 90's to 2003)

[no download link due to RIAA request]

1 Dopesmoker 1:03:31

*highly recommended

Rawest of the raw...

I was almost hesitant to post this because it's borderline exploitative of Richard Pryor's well-documented addiction issues, laying completely bare his trademark mix of vulnerability and "I don't give a fuck"-ness. Nostrels full of cola or not, there is so much brilliance on display. I never met the man, so forgive me for talking out of school, but I think we witness real raw emotion in this vid -- the actual man behind the act. There is real frustration, anger, and candor. Maybe this poor interviewer (also a school teacher) didn't deserve this onslaught/tirade/diatribe, but if there's one thing I've learned about comedy from Richard Pryor, it's that just simply tellin' it like it is can be the rawest, most effective, and funniest shit out there (even if not a single second of it can be viewed on television - I mean, when was the last time you saw a interviewee ask to play with the interviewer's dick?). Thank lordy for the interwebs!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Probably the best band name of all time. such good dancing in the my fantasy video and man batch in spandex.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hey, Affectionandos...You're My Afro-disiac!!!

Another shmoove cut from Dennis Edwards,' "Don't Look Any Further":

In case some of you aren't aware of Dennis' provenance, (and you may have mixed feelings on this), but he's the cat who took over for David Ruffin in The Temptations, (the first non-original member to join the group) and ushered them through their 'psychedelic, funk, and disco' era, with hits such as 'Cloud 9' and 'Papa Was a Rollin' Stone':

Enjoy that trademark snarling gospel-hewn vocal Dennis brangs!

Interested in Dennis 'early years?'
Yes sir, long before he grabbed a mouthful of Big League Chew and teamed up with Siedah Garrett to create soul duet history, check out my man attempting to reach for that Motown sound with this 1967 rarity:

Or, how's about checking out Dennis all the way in the wee back with The Contours!!!

EXTRY! EXTRY! Where the hell is Dennis now!? This eye done spy Brotha' D in 2008, in his warm-up's, warmin' it UP, in this studio sesh with self-described soul renaissance man, Marshall Titus, who apparently is writing/producing Dennis' COMEBACK ALBUM!! (p.s. this vid is sooo up my alley...especially poignant is the moment at 4:54):

The question we all have at this point is, "who in sweet Moses hell be Marshall Titus, and would I want him 'marshaling' Dennis Edwards' comeback?!"
Look at these clips, and you be the judge...
First, Titus does his shmoove best shmexy-man-boy-rub-a-dub-in-da-tubby-tub (with cinematography like a neo-soul 'Blair Witch Project'). Oooo-weee:

But don't ax me...why don't we let the man make the pitch himself:

Before the awkwardly sculpted eyebrows, 1986 perhaps bringeth Titus his greatest career highlight, singing Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings," under the magic parasol of Ed McMahon's Star Search - the ship that launched or sunk a thousand careers...

Nonetheless, Titus and whatever other 'powers that be,' RELEASE THAT NEW DENNIS!!! I will buy!!!

Knockin' the Boots

Knockin' the boots - H Town
Two boots coming together makin' tasteful lust

Friday, July 9, 2010

Konono No.1

Electrified thumb piano band with homemade electronics and PA. drummer had one snare and cymbal and a franken-hi-hat.
Saw them for free last night at the Santa Monica Pier... none of you showed up!! (except Meszler and my uncle Robert.) Danced my booty off.

here is a 12 minute long song:
(right click and save as)


turned out to be about a magic horse...

God I love this jam...

and this ain't no chopped liver neither...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Does this mean there be 2 pots o' gold???

"The Mix Eric Called The Shittiest Mix Ever Except for Two Songs" or "METH Water Slide Into Happiness"

Let me introduce my first mix for Affectionados! This is the mix Eric described as "The Shittiest Mix Ever Made Besides Two Songs". I felt it was more of a Meth water slide, that took you from great Meth heights to Crack-induced hallucinations, questioning of the self, and out the other end into a strange and peaceful mellow happiness.

I think I made it sound better than it is. To be honest, it's probably not as good as it's description at all. It's softer than that. I held back. But I had to get at least this much out. After this post I will post stuff that you guys actually want to download...

Really it's just all the classics!! It's a super HAPPY MIX!!!! x

Otis Redding

I've Been Loving You Too Long

I don't know if I am wrong for liking the William Bell version of this song a bit better but the original is amazing as well. I just really love the organ in the William Bell version.

The power of a boner jam

Solomon Burke

I remember being in a bar in San Fransisco and this song came on and I hadn't heard it in a long time. It made me put my drink down and think "god damn I wanna lick this DJ in the face right now" I had no idea what they looked like...probably a bad idea.

Andre Williams - Detroit Grease (1950's) and Silky (1998)

I had no idea Andre Williams was still alive, let alone performing and recording raunchier than ever! A true living legend, Andre Williams was way ahead of his time even in the 50's. Just getting slow and down and dirty with numbers like Jail Bait and Bacon Fat. UUH!

He went on to write songs for Stevie Wonder (Little Stevie's first record "Thank you For Loving Me"), Parliament, Funkadelic, and Ike and Tina to name the big ones.

In the 70's he became a road manager for Edwin Starr.

He disappeared in the 80's. Became addicted to drugs, went homeless. Begging on a bridge in Chicago.

But in the mid 90's he came back. Got noticed by some sleaze rock bands from Chicago and Detroit. They championed him and he's been putting out records ever since rougher rawer and raunchier that I can believe.

Below are two records:
Detroit Grease Vol. 1 -- his early hits from the 50's. This is what sold me on Andre. Jen was telling me about some song her dad used to sing to her about bacon fat. It sounded ridiculous and I didn't believe her. So she dug up a youtube of the 45 and blew my mind.
Silky -- I was looking for an image of Detroit Grease for this post and this awesome record cover came up... What is this? I asked myself. It said 1998. WHAAAAT?! yeah. it's his sleaze rock comeback and it rules. This led me to research just what the fuck is going on. Yep. Still alive, performing and puttin' out records. Just rockin' it. If he plays LA any time soon we gotta go (see the video at the bottom).

check em both out. HIGHLY RECOMENDED

detroit grease:

1 going down to tijuana
2 pulling time
3 you know i can't refuse
4 so strange
5 mozelle
6 just want a little lovin'
7 bobbie jean
8 it's all over
9 bacon fat
10 weekend man
11 feel so good
12 just because of a kiss
13 mean jean
14 you are my sunshine
15 jail bait
16 my tears
17 how to do the bacon fat


1 agile, mobile and hostile
2 i wanna be your favorite pair of pajamas
3 bonin'
4 through it all
5 looking down at you - looking up at me
6 bring me back my car unstripped
7 car with the star
8 pussy stank
9 only black man in south dakota
10 country and western song
11 everybody knew

A new performance of an old song in a new video that looks old...

oh yeah... also: recently he fell in love with a Jamaican girl who converted him to Judaism and got him circumsized. true story. read here:

Ali and Eric's Sweet Hot Mix

Ali gave this to me a while ago and I can't hold it back any longer. Chock full of boner jamz to be sure. click the disc:


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Dear god. This might be the opposite of a boner jam despite the fact that it's all about the sex. It reminds me of that Lee Moses song - dark end of the street but a whole lot weirder. This is not right with Jesus.

Irma! I need your love so bad.

I don't think we've posted this yet...
classy boner jam right here:


112 - Now That We're Done


finally got it up... hope it lasts.

Everyday I have to cry - Steve Alaimo

Aaron Olson

I just realized we never put Aaron's albums on here. DOH!
The Windswept Windy Windows of My Eyes - Download HERE
Cobra & Me - Buildings About Songs - Download HERE

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ooo Baby Baby

Rock me all the way

HAHA!!! George McCrae what were you doing with your life? fuck I love that weird out of place loud noise and the rap. ROCK ME! This man is all about rocking things.

Sunny Down Snuff - Beach Boys Mix

I made this Beach Boys mix last year but realized I never shared on this. Download HERE. Well, you're well, you're welcome.

1. Little Pad

2. All I wanna do

3. Farmer’s Daughter

4. Don’t Worry Baby

5.I’d Love Just Once to See You

6. Anna Lee, The Healer

7. Wouldn’t It Be Nice

8. Heroes and Villains

9. At My Window

10. God Only Knows

11. Please Let Me Wonder

12. In My Room

13. A Day in the Life of A Tree

14. Sloop John B

15. Don’t Go Near the Water

16. Diamond Head

17. Don’t Talk

18. You’re Welcome

Sam Cooke - Live At The Harlem Square Club (1963)


1 Feel It
2 Chain Gang
3 Cupid
4 It's All Right/ For Sentimental Reasons
5 Twistin' The Night Away
6 Somebody Have Mercy
7 Bring It On Home To Me
8 Nothing Can Change This Love
9 Having A Party

Possibly THE BEST live album ever.

Little Willie John

This is the goods right here.
so goddam good.


1 All Around The World
2 Need Your Love So Bad
3 Home At Last
4 Fever
5 My Nerves
6 Suffering With The Blues
7 Person To Person
8 Talk To Me, Talk To Me
9 Spasms
10 Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good
11 Leave My Kitten Alone
12 Let Them Talk
13 I'm Shakin'
14 Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me)
15 Sleep
16 You Hurt Me
17 I Like to See My Baby (with Hank Ballard)
18 Take My Love (I Want To Give It To You)
19 Big Blue Diamonds
20 My Baby's In Love With Another Guy

*repost from magmonvox

Friday, July 2, 2010

Buck Owens - Together Again/ My Heart Skips a Beat (1964)

My first and favorite Buck Owens record:


1 My Heart Skips A Beat
2 Close Up The Honky Tonks
3 I Don't Hear You
4 Save The Last Dance For Me
5 Over And Over Again
6 Truck Drivin' Man
7 Together Again
8 A-11
10 Ain' It Amazing, Gracie
11 Getting Used To Loosing You
12 Hello Trouble


Thursday, July 1, 2010


The Buckaroos

Early Glen!


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