Wednesday, May 4, 2011

black blood - (a.mwana)

once upon a time the japanese version of this was the feel-good hit of the summer.


  1. those were good times! lets get the band back together (i love saying that).

    Though I wonder what the words actually mean. the Yamasuki Singers version apparently wasn't even in real Japanese... my Japanese friend said it was just made up sounds kind of like "upside-down Japanese" (whatever that means.) I like to think that the Yamasuki Singers did to this song what The Singers did to AIEAOA. We were second generation bullshitters... but perhaps we should have converted it into upside-down English a-la Ryan Murphy and Will Oldham's All Most Heaven? Maybe for the com-back tour.
    A He Hay Ottowa

  2. "let's get the band back together" can't ever be said enough. i like saying it like gary busey in the kristofferson/streisand version of "a star is born."



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