Thursday, July 8, 2010

Andre Williams - Detroit Grease (1950's) and Silky (1998)

I had no idea Andre Williams was still alive, let alone performing and recording raunchier than ever! A true living legend, Andre Williams was way ahead of his time even in the 50's. Just getting slow and down and dirty with numbers like Jail Bait and Bacon Fat. UUH!

He went on to write songs for Stevie Wonder (Little Stevie's first record "Thank you For Loving Me"), Parliament, Funkadelic, and Ike and Tina to name the big ones.

In the 70's he became a road manager for Edwin Starr.

He disappeared in the 80's. Became addicted to drugs, went homeless. Begging on a bridge in Chicago.

But in the mid 90's he came back. Got noticed by some sleaze rock bands from Chicago and Detroit. They championed him and he's been putting out records ever since rougher rawer and raunchier that I can believe.

Below are two records:
Detroit Grease Vol. 1 -- his early hits from the 50's. This is what sold me on Andre. Jen was telling me about some song her dad used to sing to her about bacon fat. It sounded ridiculous and I didn't believe her. So she dug up a youtube of the 45 and blew my mind.
Silky -- I was looking for an image of Detroit Grease for this post and this awesome record cover came up... What is this? I asked myself. It said 1998. WHAAAAT?! yeah. it's his sleaze rock comeback and it rules. This led me to research just what the fuck is going on. Yep. Still alive, performing and puttin' out records. Just rockin' it. If he plays LA any time soon we gotta go (see the video at the bottom).

check em both out. HIGHLY RECOMENDED

detroit grease:

1 going down to tijuana
2 pulling time
3 you know i can't refuse
4 so strange
5 mozelle
6 just want a little lovin'
7 bobbie jean
8 it's all over
9 bacon fat
10 weekend man
11 feel so good
12 just because of a kiss
13 mean jean
14 you are my sunshine
15 jail bait
16 my tears
17 how to do the bacon fat


1 agile, mobile and hostile
2 i wanna be your favorite pair of pajamas
3 bonin'
4 through it all
5 looking down at you - looking up at me
6 bring me back my car unstripped
7 car with the star
8 pussy stank
9 only black man in south dakota
10 country and western song
11 everybody knew

A new performance of an old song in a new video that looks old...

oh yeah... also: recently he fell in love with a Jamaican girl who converted him to Judaism and got him circumsized. true story. read here:


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