Thursday, July 8, 2010

"The Mix Eric Called The Shittiest Mix Ever Except for Two Songs" or "METH Water Slide Into Happiness"

Let me introduce my first mix for Affectionados! This is the mix Eric described as "The Shittiest Mix Ever Made Besides Two Songs". I felt it was more of a Meth water slide, that took you from great Meth heights to Crack-induced hallucinations, questioning of the self, and out the other end into a strange and peaceful mellow happiness.

I think I made it sound better than it is. To be honest, it's probably not as good as it's description at all. It's softer than that. I held back. But I had to get at least this much out. After this post I will post stuff that you guys actually want to download...

Really it's just all the classics!! It's a super HAPPY MIX!!!! x


  1. Sorry, forgot to post the tracklist...

    1.War Song - Tomahawk
    2.Fast As A Shark - Accept
    3.forcefield - lightning bolt
    4.Scavenger of Human Sorrow - Death
    5.Timehusk - Krallice
    6.Below the Sun - Ahab
    7.Free Man - Angel Witch
    8.Cross the North Folk - Jack Rose
    9.Heart of the Sunrise - Yes
    10.Who's Running S**t (Son of Destiny's Child) - Upsilon Acrux
    11.Mescal Rite 1 - Tomahoawk
    12.Witchfinder General - Witchfinder General
    13. Left in the Desert - Earth
    14. Strange World - Iron Maiden

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  3. wo... this is some heavy shit. to the dome!

  4. I need to hear this raaaaa. Too much work. I will have time tonight. Thanks for putting my band on!!!

    I will make my first mix this weekend tooooo.



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