Tuesday, January 25, 2011

band name poll

hello 'nandos!

so, i've been working on band names for my solo music and it's been difficult.
"cobra and me" worked for a while because it was just myself and my guitar, which has a giant cobra (stallone) sticker on it. but that no longer fits.
i thought, why ask the famed affectionandos for their opinions?! then i thought why not ask the famed affectionandos for their opinions?!

here are 10 choices:

1) The Aaron Olson Rests
2) AO's Expanding Waistband (or Aaron Olson's Expanding Waistband [or "Waste Band"][or "Exploding"])
3) Aaron Olson's Holsom Haarom (or "Wholesome Harem")
4) Aaron Olson and the Rests (or "AO and...") (or "... and his Rests")
5) Aaron M and the Rests
6) The Rests
7) Aaron M Olson
8) Aaron Olson, Aaron Olson and the Rests
9) The Sweatermen (or "AO and the Sweatermen")
10) Aaron Olson and the Vests (or "AO..." or "...and his Vests")

some wacky ones, i know. feel free to add suggestions as well, but if you got the time, CAST A VOTE!
respond in the comments.




  1. You could call yourself "Nedelle"

  2. haha! i like that one, jw.

    I vote for Aaron's Expanding Waste Band

  3. i kinda like The Aaron Olson Rests. but also the expanding waste band one.

  4. next time: the band dynamic



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