Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here comes the sun

I will admit I have been a bit down in dumps as of late. What with being trapped in the desert while I do my student teaching and finish my last credentialing classes. For some reason doing my student teaching is making me question a lot of things and reflect on getting my dick knocked in the dirt by life. Education is actually very bleak it turns out.

Last night I woke up and listened to this song because someone posted it and I couldn't sleep. It was exactly what i needed after a grueling long week.
You know a song is good when it pulls you out of your self loathing depression in the first 30 seconds and makes you feel like things can't all be so bad.

Thank god for feel good jams and that one student who randomly gives you big hugs cause he likes you and feels safe with you.


  1. Yeah, amiga! Thank the sweet lord for smiley-face jams and random big hugs! The world is full of pleasantries if ya just turn to the open arms of affectionandos!!!

  2. Thanks for posting this little darling, Tracy! We can always use more fuzzy hug jams to keep our chins up!

  3. woops, that last message was by me! The Big Cheese is actually my friend's boyfriend...



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