Thursday, May 27, 2010

LOTTI GOLDEN - MOTOR-CYCLE (NYC 1969, Satanic-Biker Motown-Psych Outsider Drug-Rock concept album)



1. Motor Cycle Michael
2. Gonna Fay's
3. A Lot Like Lucifer
4. The Space Queens
5. Who Are your Friends
6. Get Together (With Yourself)
7. You Can Find Him



  1. Lotti Golden's "Motor-Cycle" LP on Atlantic (1969) is an amazing record. Guaranteed, Golden's lyrics are like nothing you've heard before, so get ready for a wild ride. Golden writes all of the songs (except one) and is masterful at painting pictures with her words. Like The Who's" Tommy, A Rock Opera" released the same year, Golden's "Motor-Cycle" is a concept LP, in that it tells a story; its like a movie with the soundtrack already supplied. Golden's vocals are the real deal, no overdubs or the tricks used today. She's cool, an accomplished vocalist, but lets it go raw when appropriate Golden makes use of a variety of genres-- blues, rock, jazz, and funk highlight Golden's masterful use of irony. Great LP, and unique in the rock pantheon. Highly recommended.

  2. Great photo of Lotti Golden, literally on a motorcycle. Wow! I do hope Atlantic re-issues “Motor-Cycle” on CD, so those of us who want to support artists in that manner have the option of purchasing the work, which I understand includes a separate page of her lyrics, written in poetry form. Golden is an extraordinary talent. With lyrics set to R&B melodies that read like the prose/ poetry of Kerouac, William Burroughs, Jim Carroll it's no wonder this LP is an underground staple, attracting more listeners via the Internet. Not that it's a parallel, but Patti Smith was out of the public eye for 15 years or so, and then with her re-emergence, came back bigger than ever. I hope this can happen for Golden, if this is what she wishes. Golden deserves the recognition for her unique, candid and bold contribution to rock.

  3. Ms. Golden's album"Motor-Cycle" on Atlantic is a unique work. Thanks for posting this! (the album is sexy, savvy, and oh so cool.)

  4. Taylor, you may like see Lotti Golden in 2010. Literally. Check out the photo of the Golden goddess @ There is a photo gallery to the left with great vintage photos from the same Look article where's she's straddling that BMW bike posted in this awesome blogspot. The pix are by the amazing rock photographer Baron Wolman--check out his shots of Janis @ Oh, BTW, the interview in Helmet Hair is very good, but there's one question I wish they would've asked. It is the same question as Amanda Otto from Gutter Magazine has on her mind: "But why didn’t this groovy chick ever make it to the top, like Grace Slick or Janis Joplin?" Lotti Golden's LP received excellent critical acclaim--the only critic who wasn't into it said he didn't like Laura Nyro either! (Christgau) Ha! Was he wrong! And mean. Even said something dumb about Lady Gaga's "Fame Monster":"shallowness at its most principled" duh, but changed his tune when she became unstoppable. Anyway, I want to hear Lotti's story. What happened? Why did Atlantic Records drop the ball? It's very strange and I'd l-o-v-e to hear it from Ms. G now that she's talking and looking...gorgeous, still! If "Motor-Cycle" could be reissued, and Lotti Golden had a second chance, bet she'd be unstoppable 'cause she looks, in 2010, like she still kicks a-@#$%. Blessings!

  5. I just listened to Lotti Golden's "You Can Find Him" on her Motor-Cycle LP (1969) and was blown away by this revival, born again, holly roller gospel treat. Reminds me of Laura Nyro. Truly great song and moving vocals.

  6. I ordered this LP online; wanted a hard copy. Lotti Goden's "Motorcycle" LP is. to say the least, a trip. The original vinyl comes with a lyric sheet clearly, a very important aspect of Golden's work. Peace!

  7. Check out Lotti Golden's Wikipedia page! Lots of interesting stuff and nice photos!

  8. Thanks for the tip! Love Lotti Golden's Wikipedia entry. I've been hungry for this info, which up until now, hasn't really been available online.

  9. I can't help but think the persistence of Lotti Golden's "Motor-Cycle," 40 years +, despite an obvious lack of promotion by the record label (Atlantic) is a testament to the album's greatness. Stylistically, Ms. Golden is enthralling with her vocal mix of tough street-wise NYC girl groups like the Shangri-Las, psychedelic blues a la Janis Joplin and soulful echos of Aretha Franklin. Golden's richly crafted lyrics describe her life set in New York's East Village, and there is top notch musicianship provided by the era's best session New York City session players. A must for music lovers and music historians.

  10. Yes, Limboseed, Lotti Golden's "Motor-Cycle" released on Atlantic in 1969 still sounds great and is still relevant. Lotti's voice reminds me a lot of Amy WInehouse. Forty years separated their work, and yet, I can't think of any singer whose style matches Golden's more than Ms. Winehouse--including the talented vocalists you mentioned. Of course I heard the news about Amy Winehouse and my heart goes out to her family.

  11. Just found Lotti Golden's "Motor-Cycle" and it is truly a game changer. Amazing it was recorded over 40 years ago!



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