Friday, December 10, 2010

Bee Gees - 2 Years On (1971)


Just got this on vinyl at the Pasadena city college swap meet for a buck. Well worth it. Plenty of Robin penned numbers. Alone Again is a stand out track.

1. "2 Years On"–3:57 (Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb)
2. "Portrait Of Louise"–2:35 (Barry Gibb)
3. "Man For All Seasons"–2:59 (B. Gibb, R. Gibb, M.Gibb)
4. "Sincere Relation"–2:46 (R. Gibb, M. Gibb)
5. "Back Home"–1:52 (B. Gibb, R. Gibb, M. Gibb)
6. "The 1st Mistake I Made"–4:03 (B. Gibb)
7. "Lonely Days"–3:45 (B. Gibb, R. Gibb, M. Gibb)
8. "Alone Again"–3:00 (R. Gibb)
9. "Tell Me Why"–3:13 (B. Gibb)
10. "Lay It On Me"–2:07 (M. Gibb)
11. "Every Second, Every Minute"–3:01 (B. Gibb)
12. "I'm Weeping"–2:45 (R. Gibb)


  1. YES! Not to mention Robin is lookin' real good. real hot. good enough for a poke.

  2. Oh man...the 1st Mistake is such a great, quintessential classic off what amounts to an overall decent album...but, I've always been partial to 'Lay It On Me,' with that roadhouse attitude and sly laugh interspersed throughout...also, it's one of the only BG's tracks you can line dance to (and be correct in doing so).

  3. Ha! I like that you like that one. Mo was the oddball for sure.



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