Friday, December 24, 2010

Black Ground And Floor Ground

Here is a mix I just made of things of late:

1 Super Lady - Jeff Phelps
2 Don't Let Me Down - Charlotte Dada
3 Love Is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia
4 For Real (demo) - Sly Stone
5 When A Woman Loves - R. Kelly
6 Taranto Del Hombre - Lole y Manuel
7 ? (track 2, The Keep OST) - Tangerine Dream
8 Theme From E.T. (Dance Version) - EGO
9 Superman Supergalattico - Milli Mou
10 Daa Nyinaa - Ata Kak
11 Methwalk - Aaron M. Olson
12 Neon Slime - Wings Hauser
13 Love Will Turn You Around - Kenny Rogers

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