Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jeff Phelps - Magnetic Eyes (1985)

If you don't already have this, buy it now before it's too late! It was just re-issued for the first time ever about a month ago by Tomlab. Which is great because I think there were only something like 300 independently pressed originally back in 85. They go for a small fortune if you can find em. Aaron brought me a copy from germany after he met the guy at Tomlab on tour early this year (THANK YOU AARON.) I will NOT post it here because that wouldn't be fair to Jeff Phelps and Tomlab. But if you email me, I will send you a link because you are my friend. However I do suggest you buy it as well!
I just bought the re-issued vinyl last night. should arrive in a few days... I haven't ordered vinyl on line in a while but this is special.
I especially like the songs where Jeff sings on his own. He has a real lazy-shy-smooth style. I think "super lady" is my favorite:
also the one about dancing with electrons is super good, too.

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  1. My wife just ordered the vinyl for me today as a Christmas present...can you do a link so's I can hear it...cheers in advance...



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