Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creeper Robin

I didn't realize Robin was openly such a creeper as he got older till I saw this video. One time I had a conversation with Derek Wood... he basically told me Robin Gibb probably wouldn't be into me, that he probably got a lot of babes. Now I think I must agree with him. I am too old for him.

Robin so sleeveless and shiny in this one.

Moral of the story... I guess you have a be a mega babe groupie even for the nerds. I call BS on that.


  1. wo! thanks for these!!
    looks like the same director for how old are you as juliet... high production and deep back-story. i like it.
    and don't worry about those young thangs, it'll never last.

  2. oh my shit. the last one is out of control. wow. i cannot put into words how happy that makes me, his hip and arm action, and then the bg dancers!! and tracey he would totally go for you!! lets make it happen :-)



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