Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hard Sider Vol. 1 : DINO SEX


01 Gifthorse / Ursa Minor - Thrones

02 Love Swing - Harvey Milk

03 Boris - Melvins

04 New Pants & Shirt - Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine

05 Hate Song (Version) - Fudge Tunnel

06 Earthworm - Grief

07 the iron room - Man Is The Bastard

08 Bad Year - Iron Monkey

09 disgraceland - zeni geva

10 Sheep and Goat Judgement - the whip

11 Lorch-Miller - Karp

12 Fireface - High On Fire

(I also posted this on the Bafth dumbler)

enjoy at your own risk


  1. ooo good goody gum drops!! i am excited, some good ones here.

  2. yep. its ffffffuuuuuuddddgggggeeeeeey. so good. mmmmmmmmm



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