Wednesday, September 1, 2010


this is an old mix from back in my england days when i first heard about northern soul. i would like to share it with you all here now. enjoy.

1. Nothing Can Stop Me - Gene Chandler
2. Getting Mighty Crowded - Betty Everett
3. Nothing Worse Than Being Alone - The Ad Libs
4. That Other Place - Wade Flemons
5. I Keep Trying - Fred Hughes
6. You're The Dream - Roscoe Shelton
7. I Hurt On The Other Side - Sid Barnes
8. Lonely For You Baby - Sam Dees
9. Come On Train - Don Thomas
10. Breakaway - The Valentines
11. You're Gonna Need Me - Ted Ford
12. Being Without You - Maurice Williams
13. Why Don't You Write - Lee Bates
14. But I Couldn't - Harper, Willie
15. Just Another Heartache - Little Ritchie
16. Touch Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me - The Inspirations
17. Tear Stained Face - Don Varner
18. Hung Up On Your Love - Montclairs
19. Running For My Life - Roscoe Shelton
20. My Man Don't Think I Know - Gwen Davies
21. Hold On - Jackie Beavers
22. You've Been Gone Too Long - Ann Sexton
23. That's Enough - Roscoe Robinson
24. I'd Think It Over Twice - Sam Fletcher
25. You'll Always Be In Style - Sid Barnes
26. Don't Let Me Down - Fred Hughes
27. Sweet & Easy - Van McCoy
28. Power Of Love - Humphrey, Amanda
29. Now I'm In Love With You - Marvin L Sims
30. I'm A Fool, I Must Love You - The Falcons

now dance!


  1. sweetness, you just provided the soundtrack to my evening...about to dig in. you dig?

  2. High-class shit here, Koner. I'm particularly fond of Don Thomas' "Come on Train," Ann Sexton's "You've Been Gone Too Long," and move aside Huey Lewis, cuz Amanda Humphrey's "Power of Love," is a gosh darn good'n!

  3. good'ns, good'uns indeed.
    Fred Hughes' "I Keep Trying" is my personal fave right now.

  4. I am diggin' the "Power of Love" also : ) Thanks for posting this Joner!



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