Thursday, September 23, 2010

Iron Monkey - Our Problem (1998)

This is possibly my favorite album cover. And its not even on vinyl! (click on the image for a closer view) At the very least it's my favorite CD cover. Features the artwork of Mike Diana. If you haven't already checked out the his work, do it now. In short, Diana is the only artist to have been jailed, placed on the sex offenders register, and banned from producing artwork solely because of his art. Apparently there are random checks on his house to make sure he doesn't have art supplies. The problem was that his zine was found at a murder-rape crime scene. For a short time he was a suspect but was quickly proved innocent. He lost his Job as a janitor at an elementary school where he used the copy machine to reproduce his drawings... yeah, maybe he was asking for it.

Anyway, Iron Monkey. Holy Fucking Shit. The most vile and gruesome of vocalists John Morrow (now dead of heart failure) coupled with the most doom crunching Sabbathian sludge. Unrelenting heaviness from Nottingham 1998. I haven't been able to stop listening to the CD for years now. I still believe there is none heavier in "conventional" sludge doom.

1. Bad Year
2. Supagorgonizer
3. Bos Keloid
4. I.R.M.S.
5. House Anxiety
6. 2 Golden Rules
7. 9 Joint Spiritual Whip
8. [Silence]
9. [Silence]
10. [Silence]
11. [Silence]
12. [Silence]
13. Our Problem

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