Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Burt Bacharach

I get confused sometimes because I will really like a song then I find out Burt Bacharach composed it. Okay well so far has only happened twice but still! I didn't know he was the brains behind certain awesome songs.
For example he composed Another Tear Falls. Gene McDaniels was the first to sing it in 1961 and then the Walker Brothers did it in 1966. He also composed "Make it easy on yourself" which hit the number 1 spot in the UK in 1965 when the Walker Brothers sang it. And last but not least I was surprised to find out that he composed "Baby it's you". The Shirelles originally did it in 1962 and the Beatles did it in 1963. I love the Beatle's version real hard.

This is Gene McDaniels singing Another Tear Falls. I love that he is smoking and singing and that he takes a hit from it right in the middle of the song. Like this song is easy to do. So bad ass!!

The Walker Brothers singing Make It Easy On Yourself

The Shirelles - Baby It's You

The Beatles - Baby It's You >


  1. i also really like this burt number i recently found out about

  2. oh ya! This is the version I have.

  3. yes! i like the instumentation on yours the most. but this one is good too:

  4. and this is what has been playing in my head recently:



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