Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Now, listen up sucka...SOULTIMATUM IS HERE!

Now look here...ya know, sometimes consequences follow actions. Maybe it took a little while to shake out the cobwebs, but as of right now, the shoe's on the other foot. The shot-caller is about to get their shots called. This here train is on the tracks and is about to release the brake. Either you bought your ticket in advance, or you're gonna pay a premium to stay aboard.
My chin's up, my foot's down. Now, I ain't no lawyer, but lemme give you some advice: you best stop runnin your mouth, and massage my damn toes...
Soultimatum, VOL. I and VOL. II.


  1. oh my shit. you give me no choice...

  2. God bless ya for putting Tyrone on this mix. You just won a ton of points with me my friend.

  3. @ Deery, you don't have to put it in ~ it's already in...way in...and Tyrone is an essential ingredient...perhaps the very backbone of this mix.

    @Jonah, this ain't no 31 Flavors. Your choices are as follows:
    1. This mix
    2. This mix
    3. The curb

  4. Yes! I knew it! I knew Carla Thomas did 'You'll Lose a Good Thing'! I've losing my good mind about only being able to find the Barbara Lynn version for the past few days. Thanks!



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