Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rudy Love And The Love Family - s/t (1976)

A very similar album to that already posted mostly because most of the songs are mostly the same. This debut LP was released 2 years earlier on Calla and features some of their early singles not included on This Song Is For You such as Ain't Nothin' Spooky, Does Your Mama Know, and She's My Sister as well as a vocal version of Disco Queen. This record is not as soft and smooth as the later release, but I really like Does Your Mama Know, a solid get down-er (also sampled on Jay-Z's Sweet). So which is better? you be the judge...

  • A1 Ain’t Nuthin’ Spooky
  • A2 Disco Queen(Instrumental)
  • A3 My Imagination
  • A4 Shake Your Tail Feathers
  • B1 Does Your Mama Know
  • B2 Love Electricity
  • B3 Disco Queen(Vocal)
  • B4 She’s My Sister
  • B5 Come Back Home


  1. however I really like Take Noting For Granted... but i really like She's My Sister! I'm torn! why don't I just make a Rudy Love and The Love Family Super Mix? duh

  2. whoa dude...definitely more of a scattershot album...I definitely hear a heaping helping of The Dramatics in this record.
    But, uh...I got another mildly striking (if there could be such a thing as 'mildly striking') thing to point out:
    First, listen to the track, "She's My Sister"...
    Listen to this Lenny Kravitz track from 1993:
    I couldn't help but think of this connection from the first time I heard Rudy soulfully howl "sister."

  3. wow. you are right. astute observation yunker. leave it to you to bring kravitz into this blog.

  4. whats the chance of a reup???????



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