Saturday, August 7, 2010

You're so dramatic it just makes me want to set myself on fire!

Sometimes you just gotta bust out with the most over the top jams and get stoopid.

Of course Roy always knows how to bring it home with his powerful endings.
These are pretty much all doinker baby Whitford jams.


  1. i like how awkward al is. the suits involved in the little production are pretty sweet too.

  2. Spanish Eyes is such a white hot jam - looks like a grip o' Nixon voters fillin' out the crowd in dis klip. I love how Al pulls the mic out of wicker mic basket as he marches on stage.
    Not to call out the likes of Mr. Martino (for Pete's sake), but I've always sorta' questioned one thing about this particular croon: What are Spanish eyes doing in Mexico??? Not to say there aren't a few Spaniards emigrating to Mexico on an annual basis, but is it possible Al is a tad confused geographically. I'm quite certain the extra syllables in 'Mexico' worked better here than saying 'prettiest eyes in all of Spain,' but if syllables is the key, Al could've replaced Mexico with a variety of countries - i.e.'prettiest eyes in all of Canada/Albania/Lebanon/Samoa/Bolivia/Kazakhstan/Kosovo/etc...I'm kinda partial to 'prettiest eyes in all of Botswana!'
    Maybe they're just Spanish eyes because they lip read in Spanish, but are originally from Myanmar. Anywho, just tryin to clear some shit up.



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