Thursday, August 12, 2010

El Sonidito

hey dudes - i heard this on the way home from work one night, packed into a taxi with about 6 other people, on a mix with a bunch of norteno, rock lobster and california dreaming. when this one came on everybody started bobbing up and down. i thought you guys would enjoy it too: el sonidito. it seems to be a hit around here at the moment.

i'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the albums and mixes you've posted, they have helped keep me alive for the last 2 months! in a world of norteno, banda, total eclipse of the heart and some boney m....


  1. that looks like a really fun band to be in. all you gotta do is play one note and dance!

  2. whoa...sounds like an alarm clock going off with a drum beat! Count me in for a 9am wake up call!
    Good to hear from ya, Porter...Jolson told us all about your digs and such. Hope ol' Mexico is delivering the goods! Yep!

  3. Hahaha giving late love to this.



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