Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rudy Love And The Love Family - This Song Is For You (1978)

Another discovery from my quest for "Your Love Is So Doggone Good." Rudy Love actually wrote the song way back in the day but never recorded his own version until 2007. Rudy Love And The Love Family records are pretty hard to find (they only put out 2 LPs that I know of in the 70s.) This one does not feature the aforementioned song, of course, but it is a soul funk good'un that's been keeping me moving on that long commute home from work.

A1 This One Is For You 5:32
A2 Disco Queen (Instrumental) 4:27
A3 My Imagination 6:30
A4 All I Can Say 4:35
B1 Take Nothing For Granted 6:00
B2 Love Electricity 3:24
B3 Come Back Home 5:42
Saxophone [Solo] - Melvin "Tank" Jernigan*
B4 World Citizen 5:21


  1. i'm havin issues here...why can't i download? This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks...i swear this never happened before. I've always been able to unzip. Open the white pages, ask anyone...

  2. It's Ok Yunk, happens to the best of us. Let's try it again... I think I fixed it.
    lemme know

  3. Shit. Is anyone else having trouble? I'm beginning to look at the man in the mirror and think it's just me. Ah, fuck man. You never think it's gonna happen to you, you know. It's always someone else...'til it's not. Fuck.

  4. gee... I'll try uploading it again tomorrow. for tomorrow is another day.

  5. OK
    should be good. tested and true.

  6. phew...alright, now that's a virile file!

  7. Whoa this here's a really good gosh darn reckid! I'm def gonna play this for the fellas down at the car wash! Seriously super good. I guess the 70's was sooo replete with great soul/funk/disco talent, the Love family got overlooked. A shame...but, that's where afectionandos steps in to set the record straight.

  8. i believe the record is round.
    still searching for that fabled first love family release though... glad you like it!



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